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Dear friends of silicon photovoltaics!

Silicon photovoltaics emerged from the niche of powering small calculators with some mW to global annual installations of 30 GW. This increasingly rapid development is the success of world-wide public and private research and development. Thanks for your contributions to that growth!

The current crisis will not be the end but the beginning: It is only now that PV starts to make significant contributions to the electricity production of some countries. There is a long way to go towards a cleaner world that does not over-exploit the only and last nature mankind has.

I expect crystalline silicon to become very important for the world’s electricity production due to some intrinsic advantages: The three most abundant elements in the earth’s crust (oxygen, silicon, and aluminum) alone are good for very efficient surface-passivated and interconnected crystalline Si solar cells. Future modules will consume only fractions of the amount of materials that today’s modules require. For this to happen, we require many evolutionary innovations and possibly also disruptive new approaches!

I invite you to become a part of SiliconPV 2013, the 3rd International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics. The conference displays current and future options for reducing the cost of solar electricity from crystalline silicon PV.

I am particularly gratified to hold this year’s SiliconPV 2013 conference under the patronage of the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Peter Altmaier.

SiliconPV 2013 is a non-profit event from scientists for scientists. This year’s edition will be hosted by the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH). We selected a high-level program from unexpected many submissions from 28 countries. The program is designed to stimulate scientific exchange in the inspiring atmosphere of the small medieval city of Hamelin.

Share recent results and bring your ideas for a brighter future!
Welcome to SiliconPV 2013 in Hamelin!

Rolf Brendel
Chairman of SiliconPV 2013

ISFH - Institut für Solarenergieforschung

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