Reviewing process

All abstracts and full papers will be subject to a detailed reviewing process.

: The abstract will be scored in the categories “Significance”, “Originality” and “Technical Quality”.
Originality: Does the paper present novel material?
Significance: How significant is the paper for the crystalline silicon PV community?
Technical quality:  Are the motivation and the approach clearly described? Are the methods and experiments chosen appropriately? Is the presentation of the results clear? Are the analysis of the results and the conclusions scientifically proper and sound?

: After the conference all submitted papers will be reviewed in the paper reviewing process and will be accepted as it is, accepted with major/minor changes or might be rejected. All papers with major/minor changes will be sent back to the author for modification. All papers which have been accepted will be published in Elsevier Energy Procedia or in SOLMAT.

ISFH - Institut für Solarenergieforschung

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